Beerschot will also be working on cancer support for Beerschot supporters this season. The organisation of mentor Pierre de Wispeleir and a range of committed supporters will also be putting their efforts into supporting our disabled supporters this season. This cooperation was signed and made official on Wednesday.

‘Kom op tegen Kanker for disabled Beerschot supporters’ is now one of the projects of Beerschot Foundation ‘Unite by 13’. They will together be supporting and helping our disabled supporters and fans with cancer. This is yet another new and important step for founder Pierre De Wispeleir: “With the constantly better cooperation with the club in previous years and joint activities such as the successful sale of cuddly toys, we have decided to set up an official partnership from this year. I can already count on our volunteers Ernest, Belinda, Shana, Nadia, Ronny and Chantal. Two other supporters, Pascale Simons and Luc Tock, will also be assisting me from this season with the extension and the administration of our organisation.”

Pascale Simons has already been a supporter for 46 years and is the permanent contact person for our disabled supporters. “I’m going to try to mean as much as possible to them together with Pierre and Luc. I want to be a place where any of them can go with questions, complaints and compliments. At the 2 last home matches Beerschot already put me in touch with disabled supporters. They responded enthusiastically to this new initiative. It’s good that Beerschot takes all this to heart.”

Beerschot provides free season tickets, good places and sandwiches, but also wants to look to see how it can accommodate its disabled supporters even better. Pascale is the ideal intermediary for this. “My son Glenn has both motor and mental limitations. So I know what I am talking about, and I know with how many problems and difficulties these people have to face in society and in a football stadium. That’s why I want to work for them.” Disabled fans and their attendants can go to Pascale during home matches or contact her at:

‘Kom op tegen Kanker for Beerschot supporters’ is widening its activities thanks to her work for the disabled. This also means Pierre de Wispeleir is seeing his 'child' grow again: ”We have carefully considered this step and partnership and in so doing want to help support the progress of our club. It’s nice when club and supporters help each other.”

At the first ‘official’ consultation it was immediately agreed that taking account of the Covid measures, from the next home match the disabled would have better access to suitable toilets. Various aspects concerning our supporters with cancer were also discussed.

Beerschot is looking forward to this new form of cooperation. Or in the words of Pierre de Wispeleir: “We are one family.

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3 K.M.S.K Deinze 46 pts
4 F.C.V. Dender E.H 45 pts
5 Patro Eisden Maasmechelen 43 pts