REPORT: Beerschot - Waasland Beveren


This afternoon Beerschot and Waasland Beveren put on an extremely tense match with strange scoring. After a less than brilliant start our boys found themselves two goals down … and up against a double white Waas defence. Tissoudali and the recalled Suzuki cancelled the arrears each with a goal… and in the extra time demanded by Beveren itself Bourdin headed in goal number three but the VAR saw a foul on the goalkeeper. Highly contentious. I’ll do it myself then, says Loris Brogno. A goal that could not be denied. What a turnaround. And what a deserved victory.

Just fourteen minutes played and in that time Waasland Beveren had already a conjured 0-2 lead. Our Kiel defence gave a little too much space and did not tackle enough. First Efford and then ‘golden bull’ Heymans made the best of the Kiel space. Everyone in the Olympic Stadium was stunned … a false start.

But anyway, our boys still had seventy-five minutes to put the unfortunate situation right. Immediately after the 0-2 Holzhauser came close to getting a goal back but goalkeeper Jackers showed terrific reflexes. Then Beerschot claimed ball possession but the attacking game was not sharp or penetrating enough. The only times we got into the Wase penalty area was after free kicks, corners and crosses from the wing.

On the stroke of half time success at last: a nice Holzhauser-Tissoudali one-two, with a sublime lob by TiTa-Tarik into the back of the net. One-two at half time.

One-way football is what the second half looked like in which Beerschot calmly raised the pressure and tempo. Holzhauser kept the ball supply up from the left wing, the debuting Sanyang got involved, and both Tissoudali as Noubissi could not quite come up with the deciding shot. There was always a white Waas leg in the way. But that’s hardly surprising if there is constantly seven or eight men at the back. That touch of luck or a ball suddenly falling in the right place was also missing.

Into the closing 15 minutes Hernan Losada sent his remaining attacking forces Suzuki and Brogno onto the park. And our Japanese player needed just two minutes to do what he had to do: score. His second in just as many matches. Banzai!

The tempo was raised even further, and Waasland Beveren used every time-wasting trick in the book. The referee announced six extra minutes… and then followed the still improbable highlight. Football can be so nice. And even nicer when Beerschot wins! 



REFEREE: De Cremer

GOALS: 11’ Efford 0-1, 14’ Heymans 0-2, 41’ Tissoudali 1-2, 79’ Suzuki 2-2, 90+5’ Brogno

BEERSCHOT: Vanhamel, Frans (74’ Suzuki), Van den Buijs, Bourdin, Dom, Halaimia (46’ Pietermaat), Sanusi, Sanyang (74’ Brogno), Holzhauser, Tissoudali, Noubissi

WAASLAND BEVEREN: Jackers, Schoonbaert, Bertone, Wiegel (76’ Mertens), Efford (76’ Sula), Wuytens, Khammas, Vukotic, Verreth (86’ Sinani), Schryvers, Heymans

YELLOW CARDS: Noubissi, Losada, Bertone, Schryvers


Jupiler Pro League

1 K. Beerschot V.A. 43 pts
2 K.M.S.K Deinze 43 pts
3 Patro Eisden Maasmechelen 40 pts
4 SV Zulte Waregem 39 pts
5 SK Lommel 39 pts